Company Profile

Motor Asin Automotive A.S. is one of the leading company in automotive spare parts business with more than 45 year experience of import and export. Having a total area of 24.000 sqm, currently Motor Asin serves with more than 160 qualified staff at 4 different locations in Turkey. At the very beginning, our company was established to export and import of Mercedes Benz heavy duty vehicles original spare parts. Since its establishment Motor Asin has continuously and steadily developed and grown with nonstop renovation. Having long years experience, Motor Asin is now doing business with more than 90 globally well-known brands with a considerable high stock range. Currently, parallel to the range of vehicles in our market Motor Asin has enhanced its business to supply spare parts for the key brands including the followings;

Heavy Duty Vehicles of

Passenger Cars And Light Commercial Vehicles of
MERCEDES BENZ, BMW, AUDI, VOLKSWAGEN, SEAT, SKODA, PORCHE, OPEL, LAND ROVER Furthermore, we have included several well-known JAPANESE and KOREAN cars spare parts in our portfolio as well. Motor Asin Automotive is one of the main distributors of the following automotive spare parts companies for the application of all mentioned vehicles above;
Federal Mogul (Nural, Goetze, Glyco, AE, Payen, Moog, Champion, Ferodo), ZF Trading (Sachs, Lemförder, Boge),Valeo, Hengst, Textar, Behr, Hella, Gates, Aisin, Knorr-Bremse, Elring, BF Germany, Euroricambi, Tetik. so, our company provides a wide range of automotive spare parts and quality customer service to the wholesale, retail markets. Our major product range includes body parts, engine parts, suspension parts, electrical parts and accessories.In addition these, based on this significant and long term experince with customer oriented marketting policy, we have started to implement our own brand called ASPART recently.Our aim is to provide a wide range of products worldwide to meet our long term customers' expectation, with a high quality of products and service

Our Mission

With disciplined and honest institutional identity, our aim is to bring the best service and quality spare parts to our valuable business partners.
Instead of short time cooperation, we always prefer long term and mutually beneficial partnership and business establishments.We value being reformist and it is important for us to find new expansions for changing market conditions. In short, we always try to suit to compliments of our business partners.

Our Vision

Being loyal to business ethics and providing our customers with the best and fast service and top quality and wide range of auto spare parts, our target is mainly utmost satisfaction of our partners and to carry our prestige to further horizons.

Atatürk Mah. İkitelli Cad. No:44 İkitelli / İSTANBUL / TÜRKİYE
0212 473 49 49

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