Message from the Vice Chairman & CEO

Saim Aşçı

Dear Esteemed Stakeholders,

As Motor Aşin, we carry forward the tradition of trust, quality and customer orientednessinherited from our valuable family elders, to the future with a dynamic, hardworking and innovative team. We grow steadily combining our technological and digital competencies with our human-centered perspective, reaching all corners of the world from Turkey. We create employment opportunities, create and add VALUE to our country.

"WE VALUE PEOPLE", and we put "people" at the heart of every step we take. We foster the wellbeing of our employees, customers, suppliers and the whole society, believing that the building a future is only possible with people.

“WE VALUE EDUCATION”, and we consider our mission as doing more beyond sales. We contribute to the development of our colleagues, customers and ultimately the industry. In this regard, we established the Aşin Academy, which aims industrial and professional development, and we are continuously working to improve our training content. We aim to make this visionary initiative that flourished with an academic perspective, an authority institution in the industry

"WE VALUE THE FUTURE", and we continue to update ourselves in line with developments and new dynamics of the industry, and move forward with courage. We are determined to bring new interpretations to customer satisfaction by adapting in the best and the most agile way to the new market facts resulting from digitalization. We work day and night with a team that believes in the digital transformation through structural changes that will provide end-to-end, uninterrupted and fastest service in the supply chain.Besides, we develop the digital equipment of our team by integrating technological developments and initiatives to the corporate culture in the fastest way.

With the strength we derive from our half a century history, while our industry-relevant initiatives and representations accelerate, we will continue to be there for you by developing, transforming, growing together, and completing a part of you. Together we are strong, together we are whole!

Saim Aşçı Vice Chairman & CEO
Message from the Chairman

Ramazan Aşçı

Dear Esteemed Stakeholders,

Building on a reputable and deep-rooted history, we started a brand new journey in the spare parts industry that we were acquainted with in 1971. Thanks to our family's solid ethical values and our tradition of doing what we do properly, we have moved forward with honor and have reached our current respected and powerful position in the industry.

Strongly connected to each other as a family, we walked with COURAGE on the paths unexplored, created a DIFFERENCE by doing the undone, and thankfully built a strong brand that is associated with TRUST and QUALITY! “Customer satisfaction” is the foundation ensuring the continuity of this strong brand, which is a reflection of ‘customer satisfaction’ understanding in our ancient Anatolian culture. Today, without compromising commercial ethical values, we are the first-hand supplier of major world-renowned spare parts companies, delivering their products to our customers across Turkey and in 70 countries. With our half a century of experience, we have developed our own brand ASPart. Thanks to our knowledge, experience and established work ethic, we have succeeded in being a part of our customers' businesses and growing together.

We continue our journey by acting agile and fast, taking appropriate steps to meet changing needs and priorities in line with technology, and new ways of doing business. From now on, our biggest goal is to be a part of our customers' future with our competent and dynamic team who have internalized our corporate culture. As a company that has been leading the change rather than being a follower for half a century, we will continue to deliver Motor Aşin quality in the most favorable conditions, as we do today.

Believing many more achievements are yet to be reached and celebrated together,I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to our valued customers, the brands we represent, our business partners, our employees, and all our stakeholders for their support. We are in every part and in every part of you... Today and tomorrow! With love and respect

Ramazan Aşçı