Motor Aşin

We have been in every part for half a century!

The foundations of our company were laid in 1971 in Elazığ when the deceased elder of our family Suphi Aşçı established the city's first and only spare parts company under the name of Aşin Ticaret. Our brand, born in Anatolia, has grown rapidly and moved from Elazığ to Istanbul in 1976. Entered the market as a retailer, our Company started foreign trade in the early 1980s after gaining sufficient experience, and strengthened its position as a wholesaler in the industry. Our company took the name Motor AŞİN in 1981, and became an important spare part supplier especially for bus companies in the 1980s.

We started our journey in a small store in Elazig, with our team of 300 people and our product portfolio of 1.5 million, we provide spare parts for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy vehicles in 70 countries on 4 continents. Our Headquarters and Warehouse are in Istanbul İkitelli, we have 4 branches in Istanbul Anatolian Side, Ankara, Izmir and Gaziantep.


  • 1971

    Our deceased elder Suphi Aşçı, with a great vision and courage, translated the trust and reputation that our family had established with İmren Restaurant in Muş in the 1960s, into a completely different area, and established Aşin Ticaret in Elazığ in 1971.

  • 1974

    Our biggest step towards Motor Aşin was taken in 1976 when our founder, the late Suphi Aşçı, and our Chairman of the Board, Ramazan Aşçı, redirected our course to Istanbul. Our brand was relocated to the Anadolu Bus Terminal in Topkapı.

  • In 1981, our firm, making swift strides in the industry, adopted its current name and moved its office to a new location in Istanbul - Çapa.

  • 1989

    We expanded our impact and operations without compromising the "commercial ethics and human values" approach instilled by our predecessors since the establishment of our brand.

  • 1995

    1995 was one of the turning points of our company. With the new generation of the Aşçı Family in charge, both the company sales volume and the success rate gradually increased. Then, we expanded our headquarters in Çapa.

  • 1999

    Our growth steps in the early 1990s continued with the opening of our Headquarters in İkitelli in 1999. 

  • 2012

    As TEMOT INTERNATIONAL's business partner in Turkey, TATCOM, of which we are one of the founders, started its activities. We created our own brand ASPart.

  • 2014

    Our first products were launched under ASPart brand, combining Motor Aşin’s quality reputation with our product development strength.

  • 2017

    Motor Aşin Academy was established.

  • We opened our Izmir branch. We accelerated our digital transformation efforts. We launched our B4B platform.

  • 2020

    We opened our Gaziantep branch. We opened our İstanbul Anatolian side branch. We opened our main warehouse in İkitelli

Our Values

What does Motor Aşin value?

Our goal is not just to sell products or provide services, but to offer value to our customers with a solution-oriented approach and grow together.

  • Trust
    While doing our job, we act transparently, honest and consistently without compromising morality and ethics under all circumstances. We develop relationships based on mutual trust.
  • Innovation
    With our entrepreneurship culture ingrained in our family genes, we attach importance to innovation in all our activities. We boldly move forward by taking pioneering steps that will add value.
  • Respect
    We approach everyone equally and fairly, value every person and opinion, and treat others and their rights with respect.
  • Quality
    By following the needs and developments of our customers and the sector, we work to ensure that our product and service quality is always at the highest level.
About Us

Why Motor Aşin

We are among the leading names in the industry with the experience we have gained over 50 years, our customer-oriented approach and our uncompromising quality.
We respond to the rapidly changing needs of the industry with over 1,5 million product types from more than 130 world-renowned brands and our own ASPart brand, and offer wide options to our customers.
“Our goal is not just to sell products or provide services, but to offer value to our customers with a solution-oriented approach and grow together. We also deliver cutting-edge digital solutions with our B4B business model. “By signing up to our B4B portal, our customers can buy and track their orders online.”70 co
“We are making innovative initiatives in every field in order to be a pioneer in the sector and provide added value.”
“We contribute to the sustainable growth of our customers with our smart, digital and sustainable solutions.”
“We are improving our team and organization with the principle of continuous development and progress.”
"We provide high quality and unique service with our nearly 200 premium brands."
“ Today, we operate in 81 cities of Turkey with our fleet of 25 vehicles and collaborate "as a privileged corporation" with 7 different delivery companies. We complete an average of 2,500 same day deliveries per day.”

“In 70 countries, on 4 continents, we are in every part!”

We started our overseas operations in the early 1980s with the knowledge we gained in retailing in Turkey. With our superior technology, wide product range and unique industry knowledge, we rank among the top automotive aftermarket companies in Turkey with our sales to 70 countries, primarily the European and Middle Eastern markets. TEMOT INTERNATIONAL, one of the world’s largest purchasing societies, provides spare parts services for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy duty vehicles. TATCOM, the business partner of TEMOT INTERNATIONAL in Turkey, which has reached nearly 100 countries, started its activities in 2012.